CFM Australia has been providing the food service industry around Australia with the "Cordless Filter Machine" for over ten years. CFM has thousands of customers using the "Cordless Filter Machine" because it can be used safely filtering oil, move oil from fryer to fryer or fryer to waste drum all at cooking temperature (180 deg). The "Cordless Filter Machine" cleans  the oil of all it's crumbs and batter left in the oil. The crumbs and batter left in the hot oil turns to carbon. This can reduce the life of the oil and reduce the quality of the food being cooked. The "Cordless Filter Machine" cleans the oil, increasing the oils life , improving the food quality and consistency to the customers. Saving money and happier customers.

CFM Australia is now going bulk oil. The CFM branded oils are the best quality oils in the industry.

CFM recognized many issues with the  supply , storage, handling and the disposing of waste oil and the empty drums and boxes. The biggest problem was the cross contamination of old and new oil in the same bulk container. This causes deterioration of the oil and some cases sends the oil rancid.  

CFM Australia invented and Patented the " POLY TROLLEY" Swap and Go system. The customer receives quality fresh bulk oil in a sanitized containers on a weekly basis. No more cross contamination,no more lifting of drums,no more waste drums and boxes. Best of all  the 'Poly Trolley" is cordless!

CFM Australia's customers will benefit from both the Cordless Filter Machine and the Poly Trolley system by saving money and time and will be able to provide their customers quality food all the time.