CFM Australia recently launched the 'Poly Trolley' across Australia. After listening to many chefs about their issues and  problems in their kitchens, with cheap oils and bulk system provided by their current supplier. CFM Australia's oil management system has addressed these issues and are now saving these customers Money, Time and Space.  


1. Do you have to dump your oil every 48 hrs? 

2. Have you been told not to filter your oil by the supplier? If the oil is filtered regularly the oil will last much longer and the food will be more consistent. 

3. Do you have 2 fryers with a capacity of only 25 liters and using more than 80 liters per week in oil?

4. Does  your food come out of the fryer tasting oily?

5. Does your oil quality drop and the oil smells during summer?

6. Do you know what  your oil is made of, or blended with, in your kitchen and  can your suppler tell you? 

7. Are you using the correct oil for your  food that you cook or are you just buying the cheapest oil?

8. Is your kitchen space filled with unnecessary equipment or drums just to handle your oil? 

9. Is your current oil supplier pouring new oil straight on top of your old oil? Your 'HACCP' or 'FOOD SAFE' programs should state that mixing fresh products with different batch numbers or topping up is not allowed! It is called cross contamination. The old oil may have already oxidized and will deteriorate the new oil faster!  

10. Did you know it is  your responsibility to clean and sanitize any equipment in your kitchen! not the supplier of the equipment. So when was the last time your bulk oil container was cleaned and sanitized? 

11. The number one killer of oil is your deep fryers are operating at the wrong temperature! 90% of fryer thermostats are reading incorrectly. The correct temperature for cooking should be from 170 deg to 180 deg. If the oil is smoking the oil is breaking down a lot faster and can be very dangerous when it reaches flash point! If the oil is too low in temperature the oil will breakdown and will absorb into the food, it will taste and feel greasy.