The secret of the patented  Poly Trolley success - is the food grade sanitized poly liner!

This liner is only ever used once! Every time you receive a new delivery of oil from CFM Australia, the oil you ordered is in a new food grade, sanitized poly liner! This liner sits inside the Poly Trolley! When the oil is drained from the Poly Trolley the liner is taken out!

The advantages of this system using the liner is-

* The new oil is always in a new liner!

* Fresh oil will never be mixed with old oil. When the Poly Trolley is refilled!

* When the Poly Trolley is filled , the sanitized poly liner is sealed! no contaminants can get in, the oil isn't breaking down because of oxidization and  no moisture can get in!

*When the Poly trolley is empty the poly liner is taken out and the little bit of oil left is poured into one of your fryers! You get every drop you paid for! The poly liner can be used as a bin liner, no waste!