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The "Swap and Go" system is so easy. CFM Australia will deliver the cooking oil weekly and take the empty "Poly Trolley" away.  No more empty drums or boxes. No more cross contaminated oil. Always receive the oil ordered. CFM Australia is                                                   HACCP approved.


The "Poly Trolley" is so easy to use! Just wheel it up to the deep fryer and pour the fresh new oil in.The "Poly Trolley"is cordless, no cords to trip over! The trolley even comes with 4 locking wheels for safety!

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The "Poly Trolley" comes in two sizes. The 80 L -this "Poly Trolley" is good for 1-3 fryers. The base is the size of a milk crate. It is ideal for small kitchens! The 120 L- is great for the larger kitchens with 4 fryers or more. The "Poly trolley" can be ordered in multiples or any combination. Because they are swapped weekly there is no need to hold large quantities of oil again! If you have a heavy usage of oil just ring CFM Australia's 24HR number for more oil.  

Waste Oil Collection

Part of CFM Australia's total oil management is we will organise the waste oil storage and pickup! You don't have to worry about anything when it comes to  oil in your kitchen!