Our Polys

Our patented 'Swap & Go' system gives you convenient access to interchange both fresh and waste oils.



Your 80 or 120 litre tank will be replaced with fresh oil and delivered to you every week. The frequent deliveries mean you will never carry too much oil.



We deliver fresh oil to you every week in a sanitised tank.

This means new oil is never mixed with old oil, and the tank does not attract animals or bacteria. 

Other methods mean suppliers decant old oil onsite. At CFM Australia we believe this is unsanitary for customers. Our patented system ensures all handling is done off-premises in a safe environment.  


Premium oil

Our premium oil blends contain:

- CFM Canola which is a stronger, longer-lasting frying oil that is Australian made is also cold pressed & chemical free (exclusive to CFM only) 

- CFM "Sun Power" premium frying oil, consists of cottonseed oil and chemical free cold pressed canola oil (exclusive to CFM only)

We will never use palm oil in our oils. 


Our liner

The secret to our system is the food grade sanitised poly liner. The liner sits inside the trolley and is only ever used once. Each week we will replace this liner, so fresh oil is never contaminated with old oil.

Our liners are guaranteed to never leak.


Cordless and transparent

Our entire system is cordless; just roll your tank to the fryer.

The tank is also transparent, so you can see exactly how much oil you have left. 

Our Waste Tanks

CFM Australia will swap your full waste tank with a clean empty waste oil tank weekly.

These tanks are small enough to keep in the kitchen, no more mess.



80 litre tank: 900mm high x 300mm wide x 400mm deep (lockable wheels)
120 litre tank: 900mm high x 400mm wide x 500mm deep (lockable wheels)